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Product Introduction
  • 95%non-woven+5%spandex
  • Color:Various and Customized
  • Elasticity ratio:1:1.2±0.3
  • Adhesive strength:>1.5N
Product Features
  • Non-woven cohesive bandage easy to tear: It can be torn manually without scissors after binding and the section is tidy.
  • Self-adhesive property: The bandage can be self-adhesive on the surface so it can’t adhere to skin and hairs fixed with folder and tape removed and adjusted frequently.
  • High elasticity: With elasticity>200% it can provide the adjustable tensioning force and support force for the binding part.
  • Economicalself-adhering bandage that provides excellent porosity in a lightweight comfortable bandage.
  • Light weightporous allow skin to breath and comfortable to users
Product Application
  • It applied to the medical treatment fixing and wrapping
  • Prepared for the accidental aid kit and war wound
  • Used to protect the various training match and sports
  • Field operation occupational safety protection
  • Family health self protection and rescue
  • Animal medical wrapping and animal sport protection
  • Decoration: owning to it's convenient use and brightly colors it can use as a fair decoration
Product Specification
SKU Specification(MM X M) Rolls/inner box Outer carton size(Lenght X Width X Height)MM
HZ401 25X4.5 96 250X190X240