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Product Introduction
  • Scalp Needle Stick woven spandex stretch yarn added
  • surface covered with fine particles of synthetic rubber
  • absorbent pad complex at Kai mouth bandages sterile and non-sterile divided into two
  • woven elastic 1:2.0 ± 0.2 5
  • Size: 2.5cm * 1m 2.5cm * 2m 3.8cm * 1m 3.8cm * 2m
  • colors can be selected according to customer demand.
Product Features
  • high flexibility: can adjust the tightness of the bandage to provide support tightening force and power has good tensile strength
  • self-stick: self stick together do not stick hair skin sweat does not fall off case
  • Scalp Needle Stick Easy tear: Easy Shredded after dressing does not need scissors
  • Permeability: soft breathable and comfortable
  • high flexibility: flexibility is strong has good tensile strength tightness can be adjusted bandage
  • Comfort: bandage soft and comfortable suitable for infant head bandaged.
  • Economy: easy to use affordable.
  • Security: not allergic does not cause allergic reactions on the skin of rubber
Application areas
  • An infusion needle used mainly for fixed especially for infants and young children in clinical scalp needle fixed outside the dressing./li>
Storage Conditions
  • Infusion straps should be stored in a well ventilated , cool and dry warehouse , that the indoor temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, relative humidity is 80 % or lower is appropriate, on the ground of 20cm from the shelves . Avoid sunlight or ultraviolet components with high direct sunlight or strong artificial light should not produce ozone unit within the Treasury.
  • Open the package, unfold the bandage , exposing part of its infusion paste , peeled off the release paper , make infusion paste absorbent pad partially cover the pinhole at the cotton wool outer skin with the infusion infusion paste stickers fixed wings and glue baseband infusion catheter , and then with suitable tension stretch bandages, wound strengthen fixed .
  • Scalp Needle Stick An infusion strap when using the fixed attention tensile strength bandage suitable bandage end of the stick when fixed to the end of a 3cm Do not stretch to the length of a little push hard natural adhesive bandages , paste would be better.
  • Do not touch during storage of acids, alkalis, copper , manganese and other substances harmful to rubber
  • sterile product packaging breakage prohibited.
  • non-sterile products is prohibited in contact wound.
Product shelf life and sterilization validity
  • From the date of manufacture of a product is valid for two years
  • sterilized product sterilization is valid for two years
Product Specification
SKU Specification(MM X M) Rolls/inner box Outer carton size(Lenght X Width X Height)MM
HZ401 25X4.5 96 250X190X240
HZ402 50X4.5 48 250X190X240
HZ403 75X4.5 36 250X190X240
HZ404 100X4.5 24 250X190X240